The Possibilities

Whether you're an independent consultant or a Tier 1 jet engine OEM, Cloud Leo creates countless opportunities to help compress your aero design cycles.  Here are some of the possibilities:

Can Cloud Leo support my needs?

  • Rapid Compressor Speedline Generation

    Take advantage of Cloud Leo to produce speedlines and compressor maps quickly and cost effectively.  Use the insights to improve design robustness and optimize performance and range.

    Example: NASA CC3 Centrifugal Compressor

    Cloud Leo was used to generate a speedline for the NASA CC3 single stage centrifugal compressor.  Consisting of a main blade, splitter and vaned diffuser, a mesh comprised of approximately 440,000 elements was generated.  Eight operating points were generated in parallel in Code Leo, with each point executed for 6,000 iterations to achieve solution convergence and two solvers applied for each operating point (1 for the impeller+splitter, 1 for the diffuser).  Turnaround time was recorded at 3 hours and 12 minutes, resulting in a total simulation cost of $70.  Learn more.

  • Multistage Axial Turbine & Compressor Aero

    Conduct multistage axial turbine and compressor analyses with ease. Capitalize on Cloud Leo's massive CFD capacity to analyze base configurations and optimize for off-design conditions.

    Example: 8.5 Stage Axial Compressor

    Cloud Leo was used to conduct 3D steady analysis on an 8.5 stage axial compressor with bleed and leakage flow modeled.  A 2.9 million element mesh was generated for the 17 row configuration using Code Wand and executed for 8,000 iterations to achieve solution convergence.  Turnaround time was recorded at 2 hours and 53 minutes, resulting in a total simulation cost of $62.

  • Blade Row Interaction Studies

    Enhance durability by using large scale unsteady simulation to understand and mitigate adverse blade row interaction effects leading to high cycle fatigue.

    Example: Notre Dame HiLT Low Pressure Turbine

    Cloud Leo was used to conduct large scale unsteady simulation on the Notre Dame 1.5 stage HiLT turbine. Consisting of 165 passages with 60/70/35 airfoil counts per row, the HiLT turbine is a highly loaded, transonic, low pressure turbine representative of today's modern engines.  For the analysis, one-fifth (1/5) of the full wheel was simulated for a complete revolution.  A mesh consisting of 10.6 million elements was generated for the case using Code Wand and partitioned into 40 blocks for parallel execution in Cloud Leo.  The case was executed for 10,500 time steps, with 20 inner iterations per time step, resulting in a turnaround time of 72 hours at a total cost of approximately $1,200.

  • Turbocharger Operating Range

    Leverage Cloud Leo's automated speedline capability to assess operating range

    Example: Automotive Turbocharger Compressor

    Cloud Leo was used to assess the operating range of a single stage centrifugal compressor for an automotive turbocharger.  Consisting of a radial impeller and vaneless diffuser, a mesh comprised of approximately 200,000 elements was generated in Code Wand and executed for 8,000 iterations in Cloud Leo to produce an initial converged operating point.  Using the automated speedline generation capability in Cloud Leo, additional operating points were added towards numerical stall and choke, resulting in a 14 point speedline.  Turnaround time, including the time for the initial operating point, was recorded at 4 hours and 15 minutes, resulting in a total cost of $75.