Cloud Leo Technologies

You deserve CFD that you can trust. Having spent 28 years developing turbomachinery CFD for a global jet engine manufacturer, Bob Ni knows firsthand how to earn that trust, and he's applied that experience to hand forge a new generation of CFD capabilities for Cloud Leo.

The result? Code Leo, a powerful generalized flow solver; Code Wand, a turbomachinery-optimized mesh generator, and the Cloud Leo Workbench, an easy-to-use graphical interface for configuring and executing your simulation runs.

  • L1coolingAt the heart of Cloud Leo is the RANS solver Code Leo. Featuring a cell-vertex finite volume procedure for efficient and accurate approximation and an advanced multi-grid residual propagation scheme for rapid convergence, Code Leo enables real world 3D unsteady simulations to be conducted an order of magnitude faster than existing solutions, with excellent predictive accuracy across a wide range of conditions. Designed to scale from simple 2D cascades to complex, 3D multi-stage time accurate simulations, Code Leo sets a new standard for predictive accuracy, robustness and speed.

  • RadialImpellerDesigned for use with Code Leo, Code Wand is a robust and reliable structured mesh generator optimized for turbomachinery blading application.

    Using virtually any type of geometry format as input, Code Wand generates high quality airfoil meshes using advanced mesh topology techniques that concentrate nodes where they're needed most.

    Airfoils supported include compressor and turbine airfoils, multi-airfoils such as radial impellers with splitters, and multi-stage airfoil rows.

  • WorkbenchCloud Leo includes a graphical workbench that enables you to quickly configure, manage, execute and post-process Cloud Leo simulations. The workbench features a project explorer to simplify case management, integrated wizards to guide you through case configuration, advanced charting to inspect results, and powerful automated workflows such as speed line generation to improve productivity.

    Designed for novice and advanced users alike, the workbench delivers the capabilities of Cloud Leo in a powerful yet easy to use package.