How it Works

Cloud Leo runs on Amazon Web Services and is accessed through a downloadable workbench.

As part of registration we'll link our services to your Amazon account, gather your form of payment and help you download the workbench software, which is supported on Windows and Linux.  We'll then guide you through the process of activating access to Cloud Leo from within the workbench.

Once you're activated, conducting simulations in Cloud Leo is a simple three step process:

laptopWBconfig11. Set your case up locally

Use the workbench and mesh generator Code Wand to set your case(s) up for execution in Cloud Leo. Specify the number of Amazon instances you wish utilize for running your simulations.  When you're ready, click on "Start Run" to initiate execution in Cloud Leo.

2. Execute securely in Cloud Leo

Cloud Leo analysis capacity is dynamically provisioned and cases are uploaded securely for execution using 256-bit encryption.  Monitor case execution progress from within the workbench, or walk away for the evening.  Upon completion, simulation results are downloaded back to your workbench and then purged from the cloud as an added measure of security.

laptopWBresults13. Review results 

Ten standard turbomachinery-specific output files are provided to help you quickly assess performance and efficiency data at various locations in your case.  Or use one of the popular visualization packages, including ParaView, Tecplot, Fieldview and Plot3D.